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CTO Header Columbia University Medical Center Columbia Clinical Trials Office


Rudina Odeh-Ramadan, PharmD
Executive Director
Email: ro133@columbia.edu
Phone: 212-305-5064

Protocol Submissions

Submissions for Industry Funded Clinical Trials
Email: CTOsubmission@columbia.edu

Submissions for Government Funded Clinical Trials
Sharon Levine
Senior Projects Officer
Email: sl2362@columbia.edu
Phone: 212-342-2894


Lourdes Vasquez
Budgets Manager
Email: lv2160@columbia.edu
Phone: 212-342-3956

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Jean Gabeau
Contracts Manager
Email: jg2533@columbia.edu
Phone: 212-305-4034

Maritza Martinez
Senior Project Officer for Submissions
Email: mm3474@columbia.edu
Phone: 212-212-305-5223

Luis Garcia
Senior Project Officer
Email: lg2321@columbia.edu
Phone: 212-305-4891

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Research Pharmacy

Website: https://www.researchpharmacy.org

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Spanish Translation Center

Magaly Garcia, MD
Director of Spanish Translation Center
Email: mg1067@columbia.edu

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Regulatory Affairs and Clinical Development

Helen Kim, PharmD
Director of Regulatory Affairs and Clinical Development
Email: hk2580@columbia.edu
Phone: 212-305-4826

Marilyn Morris, MD MPH
Medical Director
Email: mcm2113@columbia.edu
Phone: 212-305-7165

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IND/IDE Assistance Program

Email: indhelp@columbia.edu
Phone: 212-305-4826

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StudyManager™ Team

Susan Adler, MPA
Applications Administrator
Email: sda11@columbia.edu
Phone: 212-305-0390

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Clinical Trials Network

Linda Busacca
Clinical Trials Network Manager
Email: lb103@columbia.edu
Phone: 212-305-4582

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