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Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the health of patients by facilitating and ensuring the highest quality clinical research available. The Clinical Trials Network (CTN) organizes superior community and hospital-based physicians into a clinical trials network in partnership with academic and research leaders. Our goal is to set the standard for excellence in clinical trials by applying our rigorous training and quality assurance programs for the benefit of our doctors, our sponsors and our patients.

Concerning Networks

Putting the Pieces Together

X-Rays “The Clinical Trials Network is dedicated to finding the best treatments for medical illness. By combining our academic medical centers with an extraordinary and broad network of doctors in the community, we intend to produce for patients the newest and most advanced information and treatments available.”
Herbert Pardes, M.D., Vice President for Health Sciences and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Columbia University Health Science Center

“The Office of Clinical Trials has been a leading example of how to improve the academic-industry partnership in clinical research. Their network approach to organizational alignment by therapeutic area certainly ranks them among the very best of the major U.S. medical centers.”
William D. Claypool, M.D., Senior Vice President and Worldwide Medical Director SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals

“Our philosophy at the Bennett Cancer Center is that today’s research will yield tomorrow’s standards of care. The Clinical Trials Network affords our patients enhanced opportunities for access to promising new drugs to treat their cancers, without the need to leave their community.”
Salvatore Del Prete, M.D., Hematology-Oncology PC, Bennett Cancer Ctr. Stamford, CT

“The Network is a wonderful laboratory for clinical trials as well as outcomes research. The combined efforts of Columbia, Weill Medical College and New York Presbyterian creates an extraordinarily powerful synergy for the acquisition of new clinical knowledge.”
Antonio M. Gotto, Jr., M.D., Stephen and Suzanne Weiss Dean, Weill Medical College of Cornell University

“This program will provide people who live in the diverse communities served by our member hospitals and physicians with the opportunity to have access to new treatments delivered in a timely manner in their own locale.”
Barbara DeBuono, M.D., Chief Executive Officer New York Presbyterian Healthcare Network and Executive Vice President New York Presbyterian Healthcare System

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